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Wireless printing available

We now have one wireless printer on the Main (5th) floor of the library, near the circulation desk.  Unfortunately, the software which allows wireless access to the printer is only able to work with Windows based machines running Internet Explorer.  The first time you use the printer you will have to install the Active-X printer drivers.  Intructions are on the Preston Library, Services web page ( and at the wireless printer station.

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Need to edit video or photos?

Media Editing Room awaiting user
Media Editing Room awaiting user

Media Services has two Media editing rooms for editing digital video; scanning images into PCs; creating and editing images; and converting or editing audio.

The rooms have video editing software including: Pinnacle, and Premiere.

They have image editing software that includes full versions of Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop

The rooms also have scanners for images and slides.

They also have audio editing software.

These rooms may be reserved through Outlook, similar to the way you would schedule a meeting.  There are “How To” instructions for scheduling a room on the Preston Library’s department webpage for Media Services.  Here is the web address: