May is National Short Story Month!

There are many great things to say about short stories.

  • Their length is appealing to those of us who always read something before going to sleep as well as those of you who read on your phones and other electronic gadgets.
  • Often short stories are dense and rich with all the dialog and description that we appreciate in our favorite novels.
  • As readers, we can be introduced to the work of an author without having to commit to something as long as a novel.
  • Frequently, novel writers also write short stories which are less known than their novels.

I could go on – instead, I’ll provide you with a couple suggestions.  Raymond Carver, Cathedral. Roald Dahl (did you know he wrote short stories?) Collected Stories. And a perennial favorite, JD Salinger’s Nine Stories.

If you’re interested in searching the Preston Library catalog to see what other short story collections we have, take a look here.

Who’s your favorite short story author?


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