CPT Charles Ransom–TAPS

Cadet Charles A. Ransom, '01

We were deeply saddened to learn of the death of CPT Charles A. Ransom on April 27, 2011. Charles was one of eight American NATO International Security Assistance Force service members who died following a shooting incident at the Afghan Air Force compound in Kabul.

We got to know Charles as a library assistant during his 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Class years. He was as an outstanding young man as one could wish–polite, honorable, cheerful, and bright. Charles had such a pleasant manner that one always enjoyed his presence. He exemplified the finest of what we expect in a VMI cadet.

During his four years at VMI, Captain Ransom, a computer science major, served on the General Committee as vice president of the Class of 2001.  He was also a cadet corporal, platoon sergeant, and Rat Challenge corporal.


2 thoughts on “CPT Charles Ransom–TAPS

  1. A life taken away to soon, Charles brought lots of joy love and happiness to many, greatly miss by Parent’s Family members and friends.


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