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The Friends of Preston Library 2010 Fall Program

The Friends of Preston Library hosted its fall program, Friday, October 29 at 3:00 p.m., in the Turman Room of Preston Library. Lisa Tracy gave the program,  “Charles E. Kilbourne: Architect of Corregidor.” Lisa’s presentation traced her grandfather’s early career in the Philippines where he won the Congressional Medal of Honor at the battle of East Paco and his installation in 1909 of the artillery batteries that became a major part of the defense against the Japanese three decades later. Later, Gen. Kilbourne conceived and constructed the famed Malinta Tunnel that sheltered Gen. Douglas MacArthur and from which he escaped and later made good his promise of return. Lisa’s talk also covered Gen. Kilbourne’s personal life, happy marriage, life in the Philippines, and leadership through World War II as VMI’s 6th Superintendent (1937-1946). In addition to all these things Gen. Kilbourne wrote several books including the Army Boy Scout Series (4 volumes), 1913–1916, the Baby Animal Books (10 volumes), 1913–1917 and was the editor of the National Service Library (5 volumes), 1917.


2 thoughts on “The Friends of Preston Library 2010 Fall Program

  1. Preston Library/Lisa Tracy

    As noted in the Newsletter from Friends of Preston Library, Lisa Tracy’s presentation entitiled, “Charles E. Kilbourne:Architect of Corregidor” was apparently very well received. It would be greatly appreciated if Ms. Tracy would make her speech available on a link through Preston Library for those of us that were unable to attend.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Dennis Easley ’62


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