Coffee, tea, hot chocolate–the Sequel!

Cadets, it’s the home stretch.  Exams start Monday.  This means two things:

1. The library will be open late (see below hours schedule) so you can get in some quality studying.


2. The return of Preston Library’s Coffee Break!

Last December and May you came, you saw, you drank hundreds of cups of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate a night. We’re bringing it back! Put it on your calendar, December 12th, the return of the coffee break.

Coffee will be available at 8 p.m. (2000 military time) every evening beginning Saturday, 12 December through Saturday, 19th December.  So grab your books, mugs, and head over to Preston Library for the best study break on Post.

Coffee has been generously donated by Aramark and tea and cocoa by the Friends of Preston Library.

Exam Hours:

Sat, 12/12           0800 – 2300
Sun, 12/13           1300 – 0200
Mon, 12/14           0800 – 0200
Tues, 12/15          0800 – 0200
Wed, 12/16           0800 – 0200
Thurs, 12/17         0800 – 0200
Fri, 12/18           0800 – 2300
Sat, 12/19           0800 – 2300
Sun, 12/20           1300 – 0200
Mon, 12/21           0800 – 1630

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