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Have you tried RefWorks?

RefWorks can be a real time-saver and big help in your research.  It is a useful and versatile bibliographic management software available free through the Preston Library website.  Once you’re registered (it only takes a few minutes), you will be able to use RefWorks to organize your references in a personal database accessible anywhere from the Web.  It will even generate a bibliography or works cited list, formatted in the style that you choose.

Some features of RefWorks:

  • Export citations directly from many of the Preston Library databases
  • Share references for a group project – there’s no limit to the number of accounts created
  • Create folders to organize your research
  • Import references from a documents
  • Search your references
  • Format a bibliography, choosing from hundreds of output styles including several VMI-specific styles

RefWorks has recently added lifelong account access and a mobile phone interface, so if you’ve got a mobile phone, smart phone or PDA, you can use RefWorks there, too.

Please stop by the reference desk if you want help registering for RefWorks or if you have any questions or send us an email at


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