Connect From Home (or wherever summer vacation takes you)

Summer vacation is here which means that cadets and faculty are traveling, studying and researching all over the world.

Living in a Lexington apartment instead of Barracks?
Researching at an archive in Germany?
Still want access to all of our great databases?

You got it!

1st: Visit our Off-Post Access page for the full details.

2nd: Click on the Preston Library Off-Post Access link.  You should be directed to a screen that looks like this:

3rd: Click the MetaFrame link at the bottom of the screen. (You’ll only have to download this plug-in the first time you connect from Off-Post.)

4th: In the box on the left. Log-In with your VMI email user name and password.

5th: Click on the Library Resources Web Page Icon. This opens a new Internet Explorer window where you’ll be able to search the database just like you were on Post.

Have a great summer!

And remember:

No matter where your research takes you, Preston Library’s always here to help!

If you have more questions just Ask A Librarian.  We’re online most business days.


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