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Fifth Annual Authors’ Colloquium

The Friends of Preston Library held its Fifth Annual Authors’ Colloquium on Thursday, February 22, 2007, in the Turman Room. Authors participating in the formum were Jenny Siler, Frank Grizzard, Phil Hirsh, and Lisa Tracy.
american muddy voices jamestown

Jenny Siler has written several best-sellling thrillers. Her latest novel is An Accidental American: A Novel (Mortalis) to be released in March under the pen-name Alex Carr. Frank Grizzard, well-known Washington scholar, is the author of a new book about Jamestown entitled The Jamestown Colony: An Encyclopedia. Phil Hirsh has written an engaging personal account of life in Appalachia, Voices from the Hollow: What Happened When the Blue Bloods Met the Blue Ridge, and Lisa Tracy has written a work exploring the recent natural disasters on the Gulf Coast entitled Muddy Waters: The Legacy of Katrina and Rita: Health Care Providers Remember–and Look Ahead.

authorsThe Fifth Annual Authors’ Colloquium sponsored by the Friends of the Preston Library was a great success. The audience included cadets, faculty, and local community members. The panel of authors conducted a lively discussion of their books with the audience.